Onsite Delivery Options

If purchasing your digital or printed photos and videos onsite at the event, you have three options for delivery:

  1. Club PLATOON: If you have not already joined Club PLATOON, purchase a PLATOON branded flash drive for a one time $10 fee, and receive your product onsite.  Great new from that point forward, any event we are present at, anything you purchase can be placed on that same flash drive.  Please note: we highly recommend saving the data in two locations for longterm storage, and for future events to maintain storage space on the flash drive.
  2. Digital Download: Our no option charge where we send a download link directly to your email for immediate access.  This option can take up to three weeks to process.  Please note, we recommend saving the ordered items to your computer.
  3. Printed Photos: If we do not offer the ability for onsite printing, please expect an order to take up to three weeks for printed items to mailed to your location.

Dance Studio Group Orders

We take great care of our clients who prefer to do our Group Orders to purchase their routines in bulk.  Unless noted, all our packages include individual flash drives for each paying family mailed to the specified address.  Once the order is completed with a tracking number in hand, our automated system will send a text message and email confirmation with the tracking information.  Please note, we aim to have all orders completed within two weeks.

Online Orders

All online orders, unless specifically noted will be delivered through a digital download link.  These orders can take up to three weeks to process.  Once processed, the client will receive a text and email confirmation with the download link.